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Language Skills

The system gradually develops the student’s ability to use the language rules, and the correct use of written language versus spoken language, while a responsible adult (professional, skilled parent) directs and improves the child’s writing. All the children start writing in their spoken language and very quickly feel the differences and improve their written language.

Distance Education

The system has built-in learning management tools for sending assignments, monitoring performance, student feedback, and rewards to encourage creativity. There is also a communication system (Chat) between the student and the teacher. The student receives task instructions through Chat, and sets off by clicking on the task start button. After completing the task, the student can receive feedback and a medal. The medal will be added to the medals that the child has accumulated and will increase motivation to learn and complete tasks on time.


We believe that every person is inherently creative. Using the tools that the platform provides, and their rich imagination, the child can create an impressive and enjoyable book. The child has drawing tools, a library of illustrations and backgrounds, and of course a text editor to work with and enjoy. It is currently known that developing creativity is one of the most important skills for life.

Overcoming the Fear of Writing

The platform provides a protected space for creation and enables children to freely express themselves. Each child has the option of deciding whether to share their product. The platform produces impressive-looking books, so child will be proud of their work and will want to present it to their teacher/parent/classmates. It is advisable to encourage children to share, as this increases their self-confidence in writing.

Book Sharing

Sharing builds the child’s self-confidence. The teacher can share students’ books in the public library. The public library is for the whole school’s books and you can, in fact, also see books from other schools.

Writing as a Way of Coping Mentally

Writing is a known way of reducing mental stress. Many teachers have testified that their students related to writing stories and even wrote personal stories that required the intervention of the school counselor.



You can choose between 3 plan options


A parent + 2 users

Create unlimited books

The book editor

Sharing options

Download your book as a printable PDF

Study management system - assignments, follow up, feedback and rewards

Price: 15 EUR/month
2 EUR/month for additional users

Two weeks free trial!

Opening classes without restriction

Add up to 20 children

Setting up a work group

Study management system - assignments, follow up, feedback and rewards

The book editor

Interactive workbooks

Class and global sharing options

Download your book as a printable PDF

Price:20 EUR/month
1 EUR/month for additional users

Two weeks free trial!

Unlimited Teacher users

Unlimited students

Study management system - assignments, follow up, feedback and rewards

The book editor

Interactive workbooks

Class and global sharing options

Download your book as a printable PDF

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We have compiled for you several frequent questions and answers

Using a uniform password from the Ministry of Education or via a Booksgiant user.

You can enter the system from a cellphone and perform all the actions apart from book editing.

Booksgiant is on a cloud, every action performed in a book is saved automatically as long as the device is connected to the network.

Children can add their own pictures and illustrations using the Upload Picture tab in the editor and the files are saved for them in their own folder.

The children’ books are saved in the system and they may be retrieved later for both reading and editing.

In a book that has been sent to the children as an assignment you can make corrections and give feedback. You cannot do this in a book that the child has created by himself.

Booksgiant encourages the sharing of the work, the child can share the book in class or with a work group by clicking a tab and he can also send a link to the family. If the teacher finds the book worthy, and the child gives his consent, the teacher can share the book to the rest of the school in the public library.


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