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Books Giant platform

The platform encourages children to write with a rich library of characters expressing emotions, hundreds of backgrounds, and drawing tools. Children enjoy writing within adventurous stories. The platform allows for easy sharing, browsing, and printing of high-quality stories. It supports collaboration, providing positive feedback, and building self-confidence. Teachers can create tasks, track progress, and provide feedback professionally.

How does the platform use AI to support the writing process?

 The platform uses AI to generate tasks, feedback, and create story starters. It allows for group work and shared books. Moreover, the AI helps with creating images based on textual descriptions. The story creator enables defining characters, settings, and storylines. GPT Turbo allows interactive chat with famous characters in their writing style, adding an engaging experience for students. Additionally, responses can be transformed into tasks or stories.



Try now our story generator AI

Choose characters, location, you can add your idea for the story and create. Then edit the book in the Book Editor.


Language Skills

Our system helps students improve their ability to apply language rules, differentiate between spoken and written language. Moreover it's effectively communicate in writing. With the supervision and guidance of a professional or skilled teacher or parent, children begin writing.They quickly learn to recognize the differences, resulting in improved written language skills.

Overcoming the Fear of Writing

Our platform provides a safe and private writing space for children to express themselves freely. Each child can choose to share their work or keep it private. The platform creates professional-lookingdigital e books that inspire pride and motivate children to share their creations with their family or classmates.

Writing as a Way of Mental Coping

Writing is a proven method for relieving mental stress in both adults and children. When something is bothering children. They can express it through writing, which is often more comfortable than discussing it. Books Giant's system has successfully helped many children with personal issues. Writing about difficult topics allows children to express themselves and seek emotional support.

Learning Languages

Our system is designed primarily for the native language but is also useful for learning second and third languages. It allows for the creation of workbooks and recording of content, making it an effective tool for language learning. The system helps develop language rules and teaches the correct use of written versus spoken language.


We strongly believe that every individual is born with inherent creativity. With the help of our platform's tools and their vivid imagination, children can create impressive and enjoyable stories. Our platform offers a range of drawing tools, an extensive library of illustrations and backgrounds. In addition it has a user-friendly text editor. It's widely acknowledged that developing creativity is a crucial life skill.

Book Sharing

Sharing their work with others helps build a child's self-confidence. Teachers have the option to showcase their students' books in the public library, which features books from the entire school as well as other schools. This serves as a platform for students to showcase their creativity and hard work, boosting their confidence.

Learning Managment System

Our communication system (Chat) facilitates communication between the student and the teacher. The student receives task instructions through Chat, and sets off by clicking on the task start button. Moreover, after completing the task, the student can receive feedback and a medal. That will increase motivation to learn and complete tasks on time.


Our system includes a library of authors' ebooks that can be added to your class library. The books are narrated, with the highlighted text allowing the child to follow along. This feature aids in the acquisition of reading skills and helps children learn the rules of phonology, morphology, and orthography.