Booksgiant is a tool for creating digital books easily.
The system enables the child to
express himself, and his curiosity
will drive him to develop his linguistic
elements and to learn out of curiosity.

ענק של ספרים

כל ילד והסיפור שלו

ענק של ספרים הוא כלי ליצירת ספרים דיגיטליים בקלות.
המערכת מאפשרת לילד ביטוי עצמי ולמידה מתוך עניין.
מערכת למידה מושלמת, מרחוק ובכיתה - מותאמת ללימודים במאה ה-21.


The meaningful assumption the platform is based upon is that children's creative writing driven by curiosity and personal interest will make them cleverer, develop their linguistic abilities and lead them to a place of self-realization with personal expression through all aspects of writing. Perfect!


We believe that every person is creative and every child can turn his rampant imagination into an impressive story. With the aid of the tools the platform provides the child can learn to use his rich imagination and use the rules of the language, combine between the two and turn them into a book that is the fruit of his creation and imagination. The child can use the drawing tools, illustration libraries and backgrounds and of course a text editor. Developing his creativity will help the child both in building his self-confidence, his personal expression, and provide him with an important life skill.


The platform provides a protected space for creation and the child can share or not share either the creation or just the viewing with others. The protected space allows the child to express himself freely when he knows that nobody can see him. Since the platform has several aids for producing impressive stories, generally the child is very proud of his work and so he will decide to show it to the teacher / parent / classmates. The first few times some of the children will find it difficult to share, but once they have dared and received reinforcement they will overcome the fear of writing and so they will be able to advance their learning abilities and their self-expression.


Writing is a well-known way of unloading mental stresses, both for adults and for children. When something is bothering children they will unload it on the writing and they will also allow the teacher or the parent to see their distress in an easy and more comfortable way than in a conversation. From many years' experience it seems that the Booksgiant system has helped to solve many children's personal problems. The possibility of writing about any burning matter allows the child to express his difficulties and problems and channel them when you have the means available to assist him in emotional expression.


The system is designed mainly for the native language but it is also possible to use it to help learn a second and third language thanks to the ability to create work books and record the content. This ability has been shown to be very effective both in studying the native language and for studying other languages. One of the most effective methods of learning a language is through a story. The system develops the child's ability to correctly apply the rules of the language, to learn the rules and the correct use of the written language versus the spoken language, when the adult in charge (a professional or skilled parent) can advance the child's writing and praise him. In reading and writing by this method extensive use is made of the spoken language which becomes richer and more meaningful than the relationship with the written language, because both of them support each other. We know that reading and writing are processes that complement each other, reading channels the readers' ideas while writing allows the writer to control the process and make it meaningful. These processes use various types of knowledge about the world, about the language system, about communicative situations, about different types of texts. And this is an important and significant learning process. The more the children progress as readers and writers, the more they become critical readers and writers of the different types of texts including texts that they themselves have written and they expand their worlds of dialogue.


Booksgiant is a simple tool for the creation of digital books which may also be printed. Create a new book, add backgrounds and illustrations by clicking a tab, write whatever comes to mind and that's it. There you have a new book. Thanks to the large libraries of illustrations containing images, animals, transport, figures from the Bible and other illustrations in lots of fields the user can easily make the book look nice and professional. Let the children's imagination run wild and you will be amazed by the stories! For the teacher - there are tools for adding interactive fields - fields that the children can fill in by themselves. With the aid of these fields you can create educational books in any subject.


It is difficult to explain how important it is to share. Sharing is the best way of building the child's self-confidence when he shows his work and receives reinforcement. He also develops a self-criticism mechanism before others are exposed to his story. The child can share the story he has created with his classmates and the teacher, and also with the family by sending a link to the book by electronic mail. Such sharing is for system users only. For the teacher - the teacher can also share the book in the public library and with the entire school and in fact whoever has the link can see the book together with the other books the teachers have decided to share. The teacher can praise the child's writing and show the child's progress process to him and to his friends or colleagues.


The system has built-in study management tools for sending assignments, tracking them, a feedback for the child and an incentive. There is also a communications system (chat) between the child and the teacher. For the child - the child receives the assignment instructions via chat and he starts the assignment by clicking a tab. When the child completes the assignment he can receive feedback and a medal. The medal will be added to the medals he has accumulated which will increase motivation for learning and completing the assignments on time.


This year we have added a library of authors' books which you can add to the class library. These books are read by a narrator and follow the narrated text - i.e. when the story is read out the text is highlighted and the child can follow it. This is important in the process of acquiring reading skills because the child can picture structures of words and learn the rules of phonology, morphology and orthography of the language. These books are perfect both for study and first reading exercises and for inspiring the children when writing their own stories. You can give a reading assignment and afterwards to ask the child to create a book inspired by the story he has read. We are always adding more books to the system.

One of the greatest inspirations for the creation of the Booksgiant system is the following sentence:

“All children have enormous talents, and we are wasting them.

I want to talk about education and I want to talk about creativity.

I claim that creativity is no less important in education than reading and writing, and we must attribute the same degree of importance to it.”

Sir Ken Robinson in the most famous lecture on TED


Hundreds of schools in Israel and worldwide have already joined Booksgiant, more than 20,000 children used the system during the past academic year. Several thousand books have been written in Booksgiant.



You can choose between 3 plan options

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Study management system - assignments, follow up, feedback and rewards

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Opening classes without restriction

Add up to 20 children

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Study management system - assignments, follow up, feedback and rewards

The book editor

Interactive workbooks

Class and global sharing options


Price: 15 EUR/month or 150 EUR/year

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Study management system - assignments, follow up, feedback and rewards

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We have compiled for you several frequent questions and answers

Using a uniform password from the Ministry of Education or via a Booksgiant user.

You can enter the system from a cellphone and perform all the actions apart from book editing.

Booksgiant is on a cloud, every action performed in a book is saved automatically as long as the device is connected to the network.

Children can add their own pictures and illustrations using the Upload Picture tab in the editor and the files are saved for them in their own folder.

The children’ books are saved in the system and they may be retrieved later for both reading and editing.

In a book that has been sent to the children as an assignment you can make corrections and give feedback. You cannot do this in a book that the child has created by himself.

Booksgiant encourages the sharing of the work, the child can share the book in class or with a work group by clicking a tab and he can also send a link to the family. If the teacher finds the book worthy, and the child gives his consent, the teacher can share the book to the rest of the school in the public library.


Do you have any questions? Would you like to join and open a school immediately? Fill in your details or contact us!

Adapting studies to the 21st century – the giant comes to the world, in order to open another door for the new generation of education, the development of creativity and language studies are the basis for tools that every child will need in the future, the age of Corona teaches us that we must change our way of thinking and creativity is the key word in the new world.

Our work with the education system, teachers and children has taught us that all that is needed in order to break though the borders of the imagination is to provide children with the correct tool and allow study without undue intervention.

Booksgiant  belongs to the new generation of the world of education.